Jul 15 2024
09:48 am

The Doobie Brothers and Robert Cray Band both put on a good show at Thompson Bowling last night.

Both Tom Johnston and Michael McDonald were there.

It brought back some good memories as the Doobie Brothers were my first concert at the Civic Coliseum a long time ago.

I didn't think they would ever come back to Knoxville.

Well done.

Vending machines selling ammunition will now be in grocery stores in Alabama, Texas and Oklahoma. According to the American Rounds' website, the distributor of the machines, AI technology scans the customers’ identification and facial recognition software to verify a customer’s identity.

Ammo vending machines are coming to 3 Southern states. See how they work

Jul 12 2024
09:10 am

According to a study by WalletHub, Tennessee ranks 39th in monthly energy costs. Energy costs include residential energy types of electricity, natural gas, motor fuel and home heating oil.

Tennessee ranks better for electricity (15th) and motor fuel (17th). Tennessee ranks poorly for home heating oil (38th) and natural gas (34th).


City council members will discuss a proposal that would effectively freeze property tax rates on a new apartment complex in downtown Knoxville, built next to another apartment complex and on top of what is currently a parking lot. The apartment complex's specific address would be 121 Union Avenue.

Knoxville City Council to vote on PILOT agreement for new downtown apartment complex, new traffic signal near Kern's Food Hall

Jul 9 2024
12:02 pm

The New York Times came out with a new editorial indicating Biden must drop out of the election.

According to the Times

But Democratic leaders shouldn’t rely solely on the judgment of the few voters who turned out in this year’s coronation primaries. They should listen instead to the much larger group of voters who have been telling every pollster in America their concerns for a long time.

The polls haven't been right since 2016.

I'm shocked. Rely on polls, not voters? Talk about a coronation. Who is running the Times? It's time for the Times to stop, step back, and apologize to the voters.

Trees are a natural way to help fight against the heat dome surrounding the city. The more trees planted in and around Knoxville, the less hot it will feel in the city.

“Having some shade and strategically placed well-maintained trees can help alleviate some of the temperature issues that we see during the summer in the south,” Dr. Hunter Hammock with the University of Tennessee’s Department of Plant Sciences said.

City of Knoxville Urban Forestry Division plans to use trees to combat summer heat

The global temperature in June was record warm for the 13th straight month and it marked the 12th straight month that the world was 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than pre-industrial times, Copernicus said in an early Monday announcement.

Record heat has lasted for 13 months straight as July starts with a heat wave

Jul 7 2024
06:10 pm
By: bizgrrl

Congratulations to France and their liberal election win.

Congratulations to the British as well.

Can we do it?


The state is, at times, producing more energy than it can use. That has led it to explore storage options and trim financial incentives.

Too much solar? How California found itself with an unexpected energy challenge

Because they’re in abundance and cover large areas, parking lots are obvious candidates for doubling up as solar arrays. But that’s only part of the potential benefit. It makes sense aesthetically and logistically too—mass parking tends to be right next to energy-hungry urban areas, and it’s hard to make a vast asphalt lot any uglier. It’s a “no-brainer solution to providing clean electricity without wasting space,” says Joshua Pearce, professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Western Ontario.

Why Not Cover Ugly Parking Lots With Solar Panels?

Jul 6 2024
06:35 am

First we had Trump trying to ruin our nation. Then we had the Supreme Court trying to become the leader of the land. Now, we have the media trying to oust our President.

What to do? Will people follow the media's lead? I thought Biden did fine last night. He was controlled and didn't let Stephanopoulos lead him to say something stupid. Stephanopoulos tried. He basically asked the President to step down. He did not talk about any issues.

I liked it when one person being interviewed by the media said this is nothing like Nixon, when they asked Nixon to step down. Nixon was corrupt and he wasn't running for reelection.

Stephanopoulos wanted Biden to commit to a private, independent cognitive test. There is no such thing anymore in this country. I wouldn't commit to that.

What's going on? Do we have enough people left to say no to Trump, not to the Supreme Court and no to the media? So many working to get Trump elected. Sort of like when Hillary Clinton ran against Trump. The media did not like her.

Sure, Biden is slowing down and maybe he shouldstep aside. However, unless these naysayers have a great plan they are giving the presidency to the MAGA man.

As someone else said, I don't know that they have thought this through.

“People can only afford a very small percentage of the rentals available in the housing market that’s available,” said VFL Real Estate’s Steven Hensley.

According to a June newsletter by East Tennessee Realtors, the average rent for an apartment in Knoxville is $1,448 a month, slightly over the national median of $1,411.

Report: Knoxville average rent reaches slightly above national median

Jul 4 2024
12:10 pm

Happy 4th. Enjoy what you have now.

Tomorrow, work to keep what we have. Support your Democratic candidates.


“When bear are comfortable to go around humans, you’ve got all sorts of issues,” Faison said. “If we want to save our bear population, if we want to make sure people don’t get mauled to death, we are going to have to get to a place in Tennessee where we don’t have interactions with bears. You can see them from a distance, but this notion of feeding them is crazy.”

I am surprised the fine for feeding bears is so small. Seems like it should be way more.

Statewide ban on feeding bears sought by TN wildlife officials

Jul 1 2024
02:35 pm

The Supreme Court session has just ended with very bad decisions that endanger law, common sense, democracy, the republic itself, and faith in the Court and the rule of law.

There were several bad decisions, but three stand out:

* The Court overruled 40 years of precedent that courts should defer to administrative expertise when specific interpretations of murky law are needed. Polluters, monopolists, and other nefarious interests had been pushing for this change. Justice Gorsuch in a related opinion accidentally demonstrated how ill-prepared courts are for this new role by several times confusing nitrogen oxide (smog) with nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

* The Court decided a bribe is not a bribe if it is given after the official action sought, only before. So if mega-corporation gives a "gratuity" to a mayor for a new policy, or a legislator with a wink and a nod about a vote, or even a judge for a favorable ruling, no problem. Perhaps some of our Supreme Court "justices" already are on their way to luxurious summer vacations thanks to benefactor gratuities.

* Three days before we celebrate our declaring independence from a king, the Court effectively gave monarchical powers to presidents--immunity for any broadly defined extension of their official powers even if done clearly as a criminal act. No previous presidents have been extended this nonsensical claim, and none has needed it so badly as Donald Trump. The three justices appointed by him did not recuse, neither did the two justices whose spouses took acts in support of insurrectionists who attacked our Capitol.

The Chief Justice wonders why public support for the Court has dropped to very low levels. It may require looking in the mirror to answer that question.

Jul 1 2024
06:15 am

Police responded to reports of shots fired in the Ijams Park, Mead’s Quarry parking lot around 5:30 p.m., Sunday, June 30, 2024.

A police spokesperson said the suspect ran from the parking lot and discarded the gun. He was apprehended promptly and the firearm was recovered by responding officers.

It just gets better and better at the "bucolic" Ijams Park, Mead's Quarry.

Jun 30 2024
11:51 pm

Federal Trade Commission issued a final rule to promote competition by banning noncompetes nationwide, protecting the fundamental freedom of workers to change jobs, increasing innovation, and fostering new business formation.

FTC Announces Rule Banning Noncompetes


By overturning a 1984 precedent, the court’s conservative majority has made countless regulations vulnerable to legal challenge. The types of executive branch moves that the ruling jeopardizes include a plan to put Wi-Fi on school buses, a new ban on noncompete clauses, health care coverage rules being implemented through Obamacare, and the latest plan to forgive student loan debt.

How the Supreme Court’s blockbuster ‘Chevron’ ruling puts countless regulations in jeopardy

Jun 30 2024
09:26 am


From the Internets.

Almost 4,100 dams are categorized at the same risk level and condition — or worse — according to an NBC News analysis of the inventory’s data. Every state has at least one such dam. Ohio has the most at 373.

As a whole, America’s dams — more than 91,000 in total — are aging. Many need expensive rehabilitation. Few were designed for today’s climate, with a warmer atmosphere that can hold — and dump — more water. The number of people living in inundation zones below these dams continues to grow.

Dams in distress: Partial failure in Minnesota offers a nationwide warnin

Jun 29 2024
01:01 pm

According to CNN, "Trump made more than 30 false claims at the Thursday debate." Do the math. The debate was 90 minutes. Two people debating in equal segments (45 minutes each), theoretically. The moderators took some of the time to ask questions. Thus in less than 45 minutes the ex-president spent the majority of the time making "false claims."

Some of the "false claims",
"...some Democratic-led states allow babies to be executed after birth, that every legal scholar and everybody in general wanted Roe v. Wade overturned, that there were no terror attacks during his presidency, that Iran didn’t fund terror groups during his presidency, that the US has provided more aid to Ukraine than Europe has, that Biden for years referred to Black people as “super predators,” that Biden is planning to quadruple people’s taxes, that then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi turned down 10,000 National Guard troops for the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, that Americans don’t pay the cost of his tariffs on China and other countries, that Europe accepts no American cars, that he is the president who got the Veterans Choice program through Congress, and that fraud marred the results of the 2020 election."

Wow! How can anyone think this man is a good candidate for the president of the United States? And, he's been making false claims for years, including when he was president. What is it that a large group of people think he is someone to respect? I'm hurt, sad, and flabbergasted.

Jun 29 2024
06:40 am

Effective immediately, Oklahoma schools are required to incorporate the Bible as part of the curricula in grades five through 12, according to a memo Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters sent to all school districts. Schools are instructed to refer to the Bible and the Ten Commandments for their “substantial influence on our nation’s founders and the foundational principles of our Constitution.”
“This is textbook Christian Nationalism: Walters is abusing the power of his public office to impose his religious beliefs on everyone else’s children,” Rachel Laser, the CEO [of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, a nonprofit civil liberties group], said in the statement.

Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) approved of regulations that include "time for prayer in schools and acknowledgement of a “Creator” and the existence of good and evil." But, the governor did not approve of the Superintendent of Public Instruction hiring "a public relations firm at $200 per hour to help him get national media attention."

All of this comes after, "The state Supreme Court ruled this week that a state contract to fund a Catholic charter school violated both state and federal law and must be voided. It would have been the country’s first religious charter school."

I wondered which bible they would use. Maybe The New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition?

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