A woman was treated and discharged from Fort Sanders Hospital. She refused to leave the emergency room.

The hospital called the police to force the woman to leave.

The police put her in a cruiser (for an unknown amount of time) to take her to a detention facility to be booked for trespassing.

The woman became unresponsive.

The woman is back at the hospital in critical condition.

Poor treatment of a medical patient? Did the woman have any place to go? Did she know she should not leave because she was still in need of medical care?

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Thank you

This situation poses more questions than it provides answers. I'm anxious to see the public response from the police department.

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The woman died.

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She died of a stroke. She

She died of a stroke. She flew into Knoxville. Had to go to Blount Memorial Hospital. After being discharged she went to Fort Sanders for additional treatment. She used a wheelchair. Still don’t understand why Fort Sanders felt it necessary to call the police. It sorta kinda seemed like she needed more treatment. Any investigation? She might have been better off at Blount Memorial?

Very sad.

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KPD Officer video cam footage

KPD Officer video cam footage of encounter with women at hospital.

She wouldn't/couldn't leave the hospital ER waiting room.

As said in the video, "I shattered my ankle. I had a stroke. They... They won't even. " "I can't even get down there."

Didn't hear them ask if she had some place to go. Didn't hear them ask her why she didn't want to leave. The hospital ER waiting area did not look crowded.

It looks like a very sad situation. Couldn't someone have had a little compassion for the lady? After the fact, she obviously needed more health care. Is that how it goes now? We are weak, we can't walk, we are recovering from a stroke. Get out. We won't/can't help you. To the streets. To jail. Should the investigation go further to see if she did need more medical care?

I'm sad.

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When staffing issues like the one hitting Knox County hit a communities medical infrastructure, compassion is the first thing to go. Our emergency rooms are now the definition of pragmatism. Again, not saying a bio-terrorist attack by our Mayor is the direct cause and trigger of this situation, but if it was, this is what it would look like. It's what governing for political power, rather than the good of the community, does.

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The Knox News Sentinel has a

The Knox News Sentinel
has a more in-depth video with transcription of some of the interactions.

This makes it even worse. The police transport driver eventually refused to take her.

The police erred. The hospital erred.

Haven't seen anywhere that the hospital personnel were asked why she couldn't stay. She was obviously in distress.

There should be some accountability.

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Accountability on both sides would be the right thing.

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I still haven't seen/heard

I still haven't seen/heard why the hospital wanted her removed.

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Family investigating further.

Family investigating further. May sue hospitals and police.

Thanks to KnoxNews for the follow-up reporting.

This woman and her family deserve better.

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The miscarriage of justice

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"A department spokesperson

"A department spokesperson announced Wednesday that the internal investigation into Edwards’ death after she was arrested outside a Knoxville hospital has been completed." Three officers have been disciplined as a result of the investigation.

Brandon Wardlaw, the first officer who arrived on the scene, has been demoted from Sergeant to his previous rank of Police Officer

Officer Timothy Distastio, who was transporting Lisa Edwards to the Roger D. Wilson Facility when she was found unresponsive, was suspended without pay for 10 days

Officer Adam Barnett was suspended without pay for 4 days

Officer Danny Dugan was not found in violation of any departmental policies and has since returned to his previous assignment.

I hope they are required to go through more training on how to handle citizens in distress. Should there be a requirement to be reassigned to mall patrol or something?

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Family sues Knoxville police,

Family sues Knoxville police, security guards, doctors and a Knoxville hospital alleging they failed to give adequate care for Lisa Edwards and ignored numerous warning signs that the freshly discharged patient was in dire health in February 2023.

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