Jan 25 2024
07:59 am

Allie Phillips story was brought to my attention in a story in the Washington Post.

Ms. Phillips had to end her 19 week pregnancy after "a routine ultrasound revealed devastating problems: Amniotic fluid supporting the fetus had drained; its lungs, heart, brain and other organs were not developing." ... "Continuing the pregnancy would endanger Phillips, her doctor warned." Because of "Tennessee’s near-total ban on abortion" she had to travel to another state to end the pregnancy.

“We are in a fight for our lives,” Phillips told a rally outside the Tennessee Capitol on the first day of this year’s legislative session. “We cannot back down and hide away.”

"Phillips calls [Gloria] Johnson her “political mom.”

She's running against Rep. Jeff Burkhart. In a meeting with Rep. Burkhart he "said he thought miscarriages could only happen with first pregnancies. If his own daughter had been in Phillips’s position, he said, he’d have wanted her to continue the pregnancy."

Allie Phillips is running for the Tennessee House District 75 seat. This district is in Montgomery County on the Kentucky border, just West of Clarksville and Northwest of Nashville.

Another Tennessean willing to stand up for our health, safety, and freedom.

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