Sep 4 2022
08:54 am

"Late last month, staffers at Amazon Care — the company’s in-person and virtual primary care service — were called into a meeting and given bad news: Amazon was shutting it down."

Amazon Care was launched in 2019.

It would appear Amazon was trying to sell the Amazon Care service to its corporate customers. However, ... Amazon Care was failing to please its corporate customers.
"Amazon’s health-care division in particular has seen high-profile projects come and go. In 2018, Amazon announced it was partnering with finance behemoths JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway on a health insurance project called Haven that was supposed to revolutionize the employer-based health-care model. But in January 2021, Haven announced it was shutting down,..."

"Amazon is in the process of acquiring primary care start-up One Medical for $3.9 billion, although regulators said Friday they are taking a closer look at the deal."

CNBC article, "Amazon is shutting down its telehealth service, Amazon Care."

Amazon seems to be having a high learning curve when it comes to healthcare offerings. It's not at all like selling books and cheap consumer goods.

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