The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a new study Tennessee is among the seven states with the highest rate of people suffering from "long COVID." That study said nearly one in 10 Tennesseans suffers from it.

CDC study says nearly 1 in 10 Tennesseans has suffered from 'long COVID'

But, under the new public records exemption the department is pursuing, any future contract or expense could remain hidden from the public for at least five years and potentially forever depending on the length of the contract signed.

Tennessee’s tourism department tries to close public records with Super Bowl bid on the horizon

Surge pricing is common with sports and concert tickets and for ride-hailing apps, with services like Ticketmaster and Uber using sophisticated dynamic pricing algorithms that change minute by minute, based on demand. However, there hasn’t been widespread adoption from restaurants because of the labor it takes employees to change menus.

Wendy’s will test new menus that change prices throughout the day

“Measles is the most infectious pathogen in humans that we know of,” said Kimberlin. “It’s like a heat-seeking missile. It will find the people who are not immune, and they’re going to get sick.”

Measles is a 'heat-seeking missile' experts warn as Florida outbreak grows

The company didn’t release a list of closed restaurants. Local reports show that Outback locations in Pennsylvania, Iowa and every Outback restaurant in Hawaii recently shuttered. Bonefish Grill locations in New Jersey and Virginia also closed, plus at least three Carrabba’s locations in New York closed.

41 locations of Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill and Fleming’s to close

Last week, Tennessee state lawmakers passed HB 878, which states “a person shall not be required to solemnize a marriage.”

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signs law that allows people to refuse to ‘solemnize’ marriage licenses


The Labor Department said that Tennessee-based Fayette Janitorial LLC illegally employed 15 children to clean a Perdue Farms poultry plant in Virginia and nine to clean a Seaboard Triumph Foods pork processing plant in Iowa. They cleaned such equipment as head splitters and meat bandsaws.

Labor Dept. says Tennessee firm employed minors to clean meat saws, head splitters at slaughterhouses

Beginning this year, the registration fee for electric vehicles is $200, and $100 for hybrid and hybrid plug- in vehicles. If you own a gas-powered car, there is no extra fee.

Hybrid drivers in TN surprised by $100 extra fee for registration

SB 1683 was introduced by Sen. London Lamar (D - Memphis) and did not get a second when it was proposed in the committee. During the meeting, Sen. Paul Bailey (R - Sparta) asked if the federal government had already instituted a $35 cap for insulin. Lamar said the federal legislation only applied to Medicare patients, and her bill would have covered all people.

Bill that would have capped payments for insulin at $35 fails in TN Senate committee

The latest campaign finance reporting period covers July 1, 2023, to January 15, 2024 and the following covers donations to lawmakers of both political parties.

Tennessee Realtors: $220,500
Wine Spirits and Wholesalers of Tennessee: $217,000
HCA Healthcare: $192,000
Build Tennessee PAC: $186,000
Tennessee Highway Contractors PAC: $150,000
Tennessee Banks Association: $149,300
Tennessee Hospital Association: $147,740
Advance Financial: $136,500
BlueCross BlueShield: $130,000
Amazon: $125,500

Jones, Sexton hold $1M+ in cash, Save Nashville donors, plus more notes from campaign filings

Two pieces of proposed legislation aim to prevent that from happening again. One GOP legislator has filed a bill that would prohibit legislators expelled from the General Assembly from holding their seat for four years, while another’s would prevent a county legislative body from nominating the expelled member to fill their former seat.

The Tennessee legislature couldn’t keep out Rep. Justin Jones. But it’s still trying

This looks pretty good....

In 2025, Medicare beneficiaries will pay no more than $2,000 out of pocket for prescription drugs covered under Part D, Medicare’s outpatient drug benefit. This is due to a provision in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which included several changes to the Medicare Part D program designed to lower patient out-of-pocket costs and reduce what Medicare spends on prescription drugs.

Millions of People with Medicare Will Benefit from the New Out-of-Pocket Drug Spending Cap Over Time

Feb 6 2024
11:59 pm

AJ Croce (Jim Croce son) put on a very good show at Tennessee Theatre tonight. We really enjoyed it. He is an "entertainer"

A Tennessee man who planned to travel to the Southern border with an arsenal of weapons and explosives to “stir up the hornet’s nest” was arrested Monday, federal officials say.

Tennessee man who was working with militias planned to act as a sniper and attack Southern border, feds say

Jan 31 2024
07:53 am

Critics said that before the merger, Boeing had a reputation as a company run by people with engineering backgrounds who cared about quality and safety first. But those critics say the merger put the company in the hands of executives with a finance background, who put profits as their top goal.

The newer Boeing sounds like its run by a Private Equity group.

Boeing was once known for safety and engineering. But critics say an emphasis on profits changed that

A study published by JAMA Network shows that before the pandemic, adolescents were getting diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at a rate of about 3%. However, in the first year of the pandemic, data shows that rate jumped to nearly 30%. The study analyzed 17 studies with 38, 149 children who had been newly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

“It’s a mystery,” Vanderbilt researchers explore explosion in Type 1 diabetes diagnoses during Covid pandemic

And it comes amid rising concerns that foreign governments are doing the same

The NSA buys Americans’ internet data, newly released documents show

However, only seven states, along with New York City, are now considered to have “very high” levels of sickness, according to the CDC. Of those states, Tennessee is the only one with the highest level of “very high” illness activity.

CDC map shows Tennessee has highest illness level in US

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