Drove down west end of Cumberland around lunch time today. I dont see any way for it to handle more traffic that seems would occur with the new apartments.

Maybe current parallel to Cumberland 2 lane streets could be made 4 or 5 lane streets?

Or an elevated thru street over top of Cumberland? Underneath it?

I typically use Neyland Drive or side streets if more feasible.

Crews prepare for Cumberland Ave. demolition, new development


Records filed with the Knox County Register of Deeds Office show the Ready Mix USA site sold for $8 million on January 18 to "Vols View Residences LLC."

South Knoxville site sells for $8 million, could be home to 300 apartments

Jan 28 2023
03:34 pm

An East Tennessee Representative is looking to add a new entry to the list of official state symbols. Earlier this month, Rep. Lowell Russell (R—Vonore) introduced legislation to make pumpkin pie a symbol of the State of Tennessee.

10 Tennessee state symbols you might not know


The US Food and Drug Administration on Thursday halted the emergency use authorization of Evusheld because it does not appear to protect against Covid-19 from viral variants currently circulating in the United States.

Evusheld is a monoclonal antibody therapy used to prevent Covid-19 in immunocompromised people, who are less likely to generate an immune response from Covid-19 vaccination.

With rise of new coronavirus variants, FDA halts authorization of Evusheld

Memphis, Tennessee, had the biggest savings to homebuyers over renters, with the monthly cost of homeownership 32.7% less than renting. It was followed by Pittsburgh; Birmingham, Alabama; St. Louis and Baltimore. Monthly buying costs assume a 7% down payment with a mortgage rate of 6.36%, and include taxes, insurance and homeowners association fees.

Buying a home is now more affordable than renting in these five cities

As of Tuesday, at least 39 mass shootings had unfolded across the country since the year began, according to the Gun Violence archive, a nonprofit that tracks the spread of what has been called an American disease and which defines a mass shooting as a single incident in which at least four people — other than the shooter — are shot.

The U.S. has had at least 39 mass shootings in just 24 days so far this year, data shows

Jan 22 2023
04:55 pm

Abandoned shopping carts are a scourge to neighborhoods, as wayward carts block intersections, sidewalks and bus stops. They occupy handicap spots in parking lots and wind up in creeks, ditches and parks. And they clog municipal drainage and waste systems and cause accidents.

There is no national data on shopping cart losses, but US retailers lose an estimated tens of millions of dollars every year replacing lost and damaged carts, say shopping cart experts.

Shopping carts keep disappearing from stores


On Jan. 17, the Tennessee Department of Health sent a letter to programs and organizations that receive grants from the state telling them that the state would stop taking federal funding to help pay for HIV surveillance, testing and prevention

TN Dept. of Health tells medical providers it will stop taking federal money for HIV prevention

Tennessee says it's cutting federal HIV funding. Will other states follow?


It’s the first time that extreme wealth and extreme poverty have increased simultaneously in 25 years, said Oxfam.

The top 1% captured nearly twice as much new wealth as the rest of the world over last two years


The CDC said one of its vaccine safety monitoring systems – a “near real-time surveillance system” called the Vaccine Safety Datalink – detected a possible increase in a certain kind of stroke in people 65 and older who recently got one of Pfizer’s updated booster shots.

The same safety signal has not been detected with the bivalent Moderna booster, the CDC said.

CDC identifies possible safety issue with Pfizer’s updated Covid-19 vaccine but says no changes to vaccination practices recommended

I don't know how many times I listened to the album "Blow By Blow", but it was a bunch.

After suddenly contracting bacterial meningitis, he peacefully passed away yesterday

Jeff Beck, legendary rock guitarist and musician, dead at 78

Blow By Blow


They also said last year they were looking to acquire property in the area of West Blount Avenue and Scottish Pike, near Fort Dickerson Park.

Knoxville City Council votes on PILOT programs for developers, UT pedestrian bridge grant writers

Jan 6 2023
11:29 pm
By: jbr

What is Tim Burchett doing in middle of the arguing on the House floor with Gaetz and McCarthy?

The full confrontation between McCarthy and Gaetz

Jan 5 2023
04:31 pm

Bottom line? Though it's inconceivable the framers would have elected an outsider to be speaker of the House, there's nothing to stop the House from doing it now.

Can An Outsider Be Speaker of the House?

A new study finds that nearly 6% of the estimated 130 million people who go to US emergency rooms every year are misdiagnosed, which translates to about 1 in 18 patients getting the wrong diagnosis.

More than 7 million incorrect diagnoses made in US emergency rooms every year, government report finds

Inflation is outpacing the cost of living for millions of seniors as food, gas, rent and healthcare costs rise. Some face the depletion of retirement funds while others are being pushed towards homelessness.

Retirees becoming homeless at higher rate than other age groups amidst inflation

“What we found is that when you’re exposed to cold air, the temperature in your nose can drop by as much as 9 degrees Fahrenheit. And that’s enough to essentially knock out all three of those immune advantages that the nose has,” Bleier said.

What does that do to your ability to fight off colds, flu and Covid-19? It cuts your immune system’s ability to fight off respiratory infections by half, Bleier said.

Scientists finally know why people get more colds and flu in winter

Industry analysts worry the trend is only going to continue into 2023 with economists expecting unemployment to rise, inflation to remain relatively high and household savings set to dwindle. At the same time, a growing number of consumers are having to stretch their budgets to afford a vehicle; the average monthly payment for a new car is up 26% since 2019 to $718 a month, and nearly one in six new car buyers is spending more than $1,000 a month on vehicles. Other costs associated with owning a car have also shot up, including insurance, gas and repairs.

Car repossessions are on the rise in warning sign for the economy


The Mental Health Association of East Tennessee said that around 42% of people in Knox County have documented mental health issues — around two out of every five people.

Mental health experts say around 42% of people in Knox County have mental health issues

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