Sep 13 2022
07:58 am

The City of Alcoa is pursuing non-contiguous annexation.

Blount County has decided to sue the City of Alcoa to stop the annexation.

"A long-simmering argument about farmland, development and jurisdiction boiled over last week. Blount County brought a lawsuit against the city of Alcoa on Wednesday, Sept. 7. It asks that the municipality’s annexations of two properties off Wildwood Road be invalidated."

Blount County Mayor Ed "Mitchell named the annexations as examples of “donut-holing.” He was referring to the prospect that, if the annexations passed, a section of city land would be wholly surrounded by the county."

Uncontrolled development is getting out of hand. Someone needs a plan.

yellowdog's picture

Planning may be coming.

Blount County is in the process of launching a comprehensive land use and transportation planning process, as recommended by an ad hoc committee of the Planning Commission and endorsed by the County Commission. Consultants have been interviewed.

The current plan is 20 years old. Lots of people are concerned about rampant growth so maybe there is finally the political will to deal with this.

Maryville and Alcoa are not parties to this initiative, which is a problem!

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