Burchett tweets that it is outrageous when the House of Representatives delays a vote for Supreme Court member protections.



Burchett’s tweet in response to the Uvalde, TX, school shooting… Thoughts and prayers, mental health. Nothing about an 18 year old purchasing an AR-15 type semi-automatic weapon with approx.. 500 rounds of ammunition shortly before the massacres.


Burchett tweets that “preventing law-abiding citizens from exercising their constitutional rights” will not protect children in schools. Or, for that matter, shoppers in grocery stores , parishioners at churches, attendees at music festivals, customers at bars in Orlando Florida, etc., etc., etc…


What is wrong with Burchett and his like-minded, what can I say, idiots?

“Three weeks after 17 people were gunned down in 2018 inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., then-Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) signed into law a bill that included provisions banning weapons sales to those younger than 21, imposing a three-day waiting period on most long-gun purchases, and creating a “red flag” law allowing authorities to confiscate weapons from people deemed to constitute a public threat.

Rick Scott will not urge Congress to enact the same laws for the entire country that are good enough for Florida.

“It ought to be done at the state level,” he said. “Every state’s going to be a little bit different. … It worked in Florida, and so they ought to look at that and say, could that work in their states?”

Think Burchett, Blackburn, Hagerty, or Governor Lee will encourage a similar law for the State of Tennessee? No way… Not with 73 of the 99 Tennessee House members being Republican. Not with 27 of the 33 Tennessee Senate members being Republican.

Not with Smith & Wesson planning to move their corporate headquarters to Blount County, TN, from Springfield, MA. Massachusetts is proposing a law outlawing the manufacture of AR-15 type weapons in the state. Smith & Wesson makes AR-15 type weapons and Tennessee government, local and state, welcome them with open arms.

Burchett, and so many others, are lobbying to protect the nine Supreme Court justices but I'm (you, me, school children, grocery shoppers, church goers, entertainment attendees, etc.) fair game.

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Turns out....

Tim is trying to deny protection to the Court Clerks and staff. He's fine with those on the front lines being murdered, cops, staff and clerks, but when it comes to protecting appointed officials who committed perjury to get their appointments, he's all in. Quit advocating for the slaughter of ordinary citizens Tim. Kavanaugh has the right to buy a gun. How come he gets special protection? Isn't the Second Amendment good enough for him? It's all us ordinary citizens have.


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Tim is a loser that is eat up

Tim is a loser that is eat up with the dumbass! He is more interested in being in favor with the mindless and misguided 2nd amendment crazies than saving lives. Tim and all the gutless losers in Congress that will not vote for sensible gun restrictions share the blame for the adults and kids that have needlessly lost their lives because of politicians not doing their duty by passing needed gun control laws. Tim is an embarrassment to his parents and to his community. He has no backbone or integrity.

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I just finished reading the

I just finished reading a Shopper News Columnist article this week. Victor Ashe asks a great question. What is the argument against raising the age to purchase an assault weapon from 18 to 21 when one must be 21 to buy beer, wine or other alcohol? Victor says it is pretty clear to him that the step would be helpful to save lives. I wish Burchett and Lee and McConnell and lots of other Republicans would read and listen and be influenced by his wise words. If Congress passed legislation doing this one thing it would definately save many lives.

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Rhetorical question?

Rhetorical question? Freedom!!!! They don't care about anyone other than themselves.

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And here we see......

Tim claiming video evidence is a lie because Congress didn't allow criminals who participated in the insurrection the power to determine whether they were guilty or not. You just can't make this stuff up.


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Yes, thanks for posting

Yes, thanks for posting Burchett's ABC interview. Can't believe he got elected in the 2nd district. Not very articulate. Seems to not know his own message except Democrats are bad.

It looked like the ABC news person was trying not to laugh at Burchett.

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Please share this remedy for a bad congressman

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You posted a list of criminals, both accused and ajudicated

And you claim it proves no due process? Do you know what due process is? How stupid are you? These people tried to overthrow the US government bye denying a confirmed election. Only the most brainwashed of Trump's idiots are still claiming Trump's lies as truth. Nobody takes the Moonies seriously, except you, I guess. Interesting one of y'all came out of your hole though. Even if you are too gutless to identify yourself.

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Bob, thanks for posting the

Bob, thanks for posting the video of the ABC interview. The interview confirms without any doubt.Tim is a nut case and an embarrassment to his family, his constituents, and those misguided folks that have voted for him or gave him undue credit for representing his district. Tim is a first class loser!

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Timk's next mission?


Be careful what you vote for.

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