Aug 30 2023
06:46 am

2023 Knoxville Primary Election Results

Indya Kincannon wins with 57.51% of the vote.

City Council At Large Seat A - Lynne Fugate (46.02%) and Cameron Brooks (43.19%) proceed to the general election.

City Council At Large Seat B - Debbie Helsley wins with 69.64% of the vote.

City Council At Large Seat C - Amelia Parker (41.06%) and Tim Hill (36.89%) proceed to the general election.

City Council District 5 - Charles Thomas wins with 100% of the vote. He ran unopposed.

Municipal Judge - John Rosson (37.65%) and Tyler Caviness (36.21%) proceed to the general election.

16,645 voters participated in this primary election. That's 25.8% of the 64,585 registered voters in Knoxville. It would appear that 7,837 voters voted yesterday, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2023.

Knox County Election Commission

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There are 102,956 registered voters in Knoxville, so turnout was only about 16.2 percent. The 64,585 figure is the number of currently registered voters in the city who cast ballots in the 2023 presidential election.

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Ah. Thanks. Makes it worse.

Ah. Thanks.

Makes it worse.

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2023 Presidential election?

Why do I think this is a typo?

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Clarification re November ballot

Clarification - in city elections, only the Mayor and Municipal Judge are declared winners in the primary if they get 50% +1 votes. Debbie Helsley will be facing R. Bentley Marlow in November's election.

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Thanks so much.

Thanks so much.

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