Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) explains why he does not believe that federal laws will not solve the gun violence epidemic in the United States.

CNN anchor rolls tape on GOP lawmaker's gun violence comments. See his response

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A quick transcription of the

A quick transcription of the video.

Jim Acosta - shows a video of an interview with Burchett after the shooting in Nashville and says we'll talk about it ...

Jim Acosta -
Congressman getting back to what you were saying Washington is not going to fix this ...
A lot of people listened to that at home and you like to speak uh... plain english to folks.
A lot of people listened to what you just said and said wait a minute...
It is your job to fix this and it is unacceptable to have mass shooting after mass shooting after mass shooting.
Why not fix this?


This happens a lot Jim.
I was cut off a little bit.

I was probably speaking more from a Christian perspective...

I also went on and said we need real revival in this country

We've um...

I feel like...

we've, we've turned from the lord...

and I know that maybe... make people heads spin off sometimes when they hear somebody like that me say that

but um... it's just...

we ... the the

Jim Acosta - There is Christianity in other countries and they don't have mass shootings.


They don't have our freedome either...

They don't have a second amendment that that....

And also they uh... um...

You wanna ... I... eh...

What happens is you'll take away the ...

Jim Acosta - What about the point that you should be the ones that fix it?
You say we're not going to fix anything here in Washington.
That's your job.

Burchett ...


She, she broke over 20 laws ..

What law are you gonna do?

Now you have people that can print guns.

Um... You know...

Timothy McVeigh... 150 pounds of of fertilizer and diesel fuel.
He killed over 100 people while a bunch of innocent folks...
We've got evil in this world.
We've got to address it.
You know we had a bill last year
Marsha Blackburn had it in the Senate
We had it over in the house that would have put guards in our schools and it was blocked.
The president said I want the guns we're not gonna do this
And we were'nt even allowed a hearing on it in the ... in the... in the... House of Representatives.
The peoples house
Now why wouldn't you want to put more people secure
You know you enjoy that at CNN
You enjoy the fact that that you can't walk into the headquarters of CNN and there is an armed guard out front.
I just don't see that.

Jim Acosta - Sure. You couldn't put an armed guard at the house... I don't want to get in a back and forth with you...
But, you couldn't put an armed guard at this house last night in Texas where the guy because he didn't want to stop shooting his guns,
went over an executed half the people in the house. Executed 5 people including an 8 year old child.
There is no armed guard there.


Jim... I don't know the situation there...
But, tell me how you get the guns back?
How do you get them out?
There is so many guns out there.
I just think that we've got a mental health issue in this country.
We oughta address that as well.
And, ya know, these red flag laws...
Some say they work ... some say they don't.
I'd like to see some real numbers on that.
We had a a ...
Remember we had an assault weapons ban in this country and the Justice Department came back and said it's not reduced mass shootings at all.
And so they did away with it.
So... I ... don't know what the answer is gonna be with that.

Jim Acosta - There was some studies that said that it did reduce .... some studies that said it did reduce mass shootings.

Out of time, says goodbye.

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Wow! He's gets worse every

Wow! He's gets worse every week.

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New Bumper Stickers

Do we need some new bumper stickers? "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Mark Harmon"

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