May 6 2023
06:41 am

May 11, 2023, marks the end of the federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency declaration. After this date, CDC’s authorizations to collect certain types of public health data will expire.

Most tools, like vaccines, treatments, and testing, will remain available.

Access to COVID-19 vaccines will generally not be affected for now. Insurance providers will no longer be required to waive costs or provide free COVID-19 tests, thus COVID-19 at-home tests may not be covered by insurance.

Treatments will remain available.
Medication to prevent severe COVID-19, such as Paxlovid, will remain available for free while supplies last. After that, the price will be determined by the medication manufacturer and your health insurance coverage.

All hospitals are required to report data through the end of April 2024. These data will shift from daily to weekly reporting shortly after May 11.

COVID-19 deaths will remain, but the source of data has changed.

Emergency department patient visits with diagnosed COVID-19 will continue to be posted on a weekly basis.

COVID-19 test positivity will remain, but the source of data has changed.

Wastewater surveillance and genomic surveillance will remain in place.

Count of COVID-19 vaccines administered will remain for jurisdictions who continue to submit data, but frequency will change, monthly instead of weekly.

Data added:
Percentage of COVID-19 associated deaths each week.

Data removed:
COVID-19 case and death data are no longer highlighted on COVID Data Tracker.
National, county-level test positivity data from COVID-19 Electronic Reporting (CELR) are no longer available.
The V-safe tracking system for health check-ins after vaccination health check-ins is ending.

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Medicare &

Medicare & Coronavirus
Coverage changes for COVID-1

Medicare will continue to cover vaccines without cost sharing.

You might have cost sharing for COVID-19 diagnostic tests.

Medicare won’t cover over-the-counter (OTC) tests.

Telehealth services will continue through December 31, 2024.

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