Drove down west end of Cumberland around lunch time today. I dont see any way for it to handle more traffic that seems would occur with the new apartments.

Maybe current parallel to Cumberland 2 lane streets could be made 4 or 5 lane streets?

Or an elevated thru street over top of Cumberland? Underneath it?

I typically use Neyland Drive or side streets if more feasible.

Crews prepare for Cumberland Ave. demolition, new development

bizgrrl's picture

Cumberland is a topic of news

Cumberland is a topic of news lately. What is missing. What it was.

KnoxTNToday, "Swan song for The Strip: It’s just Cumberland Avenue, now"

KnoxNews, Stories of the Strip: Share how you experienced Cumberland Avenue at UT (past and present)

KnoxNews, The Strip at Cumberland Ave. through the years (in pictures)

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Through traffic

jbr: "I typically use Neyland Drive or side streets if more feasible."

Diverting through traffic away from Cumberland Avenue is exactly what the road-narrowing project was intended to do. I can't remember the last time I drove all the way from one end of Cumberland to the other while UT has been in session. I always take Neyland.

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Probably once a football

Probably once a football season we drive Cumberland to see the crowds. In no rush.

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Seems like if you can

Seems like if you can successfully deliver food, you can deliver people in larger slow moving robots.

Move parking to outer edges of downtowns and colleges for housing and businesses and have larger robots carry the people. Reduces parking issues within city and repurposes garages for other functions, like more living space.

Heart of city, campus parking would be for emergency vehicles, deliveries, drop off services.

Everything you need to know about the Starship food delivery robots

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Success Of A Sort

We live nearby and I avoid driving down Cumberland to the nth degree. To be fair, I avoided it before it was narrowed. It was always traffic clogged and there's a lot of lights, foot traffic, curb cuts, etc.

As mentioned above, I think the whole intent was to force traffic off of Cumberland and make the UT area less car heavy. Whether they've succeeded in the latter is a topic for discussion, but anyone local knows to avoid Cumberland as a through route or they learn it after they've done it once and once only unless it's 3 am on a weeknight. So, mission success on forcing traffic off Cumberland if that was the desired outcome. It will be interesting to see how this development changes the dynamic -- I've not read much about what, if any, parking they are providing for those hundreds and hundreds of apartments, which is a backwards way of saying "will this introduce a bunch of cars and if so, where do they exit the premises".

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