Aug 22 2023
09:33 am

on Monday, Aug. 21 the [Nashville] mayoral candidate and at least eight other [Nashville] council members tested positive for the [Covid-19] virus.

A Hollywood studio has instituted a mask mandate for its employees in light of the current COVID wave. Lionsgate sent an email to staff asking them to mask up on certain floors of its Santa Monica office after several employees caught the virus. The studio is also asking employees to conduct self-screening before coming to the office.

Morris Brown College in Atlanta starts classes requiring students and staff to wear masks for the next 14 days. "Other precautionary measures include: temperature checks upon campus arrival, social distancing and contact tracing. Morris Brown College does have a vaccine requirement for students with religious and medical exemptions allowed."

Be careful out there.

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East Tennessee.

It looks like this surge is at least in a lull, to me. Wastewater samples above and below us indicate a steady/falling incidence of covid. Problem is of course, that we have two new variants of concern for the fall, as well as RSV flavor of the season, plus flu, plus plain old colds moving in right around the corner as well. With a collapsing medical infrastructure. In a county where the county mayor has spent three years training his followers that not getting vaccinated is somehow equivalent to freedom. We are a shitstorm waiting to happen.

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I stand corrected.

Numbers from last week were just released by Knox County Health department. Things don't look good. We have neither the room nor the funding to absorb these kinds of surges in covid. Things are considerably worse than I had foreseen.


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Relevence of Knox County Report as to what's going on.

The relevent number in this report is percentage of fully vaccinated. An 8.3% fully vaccinated rate won't stop anything. If this, or any other variant, turns out to be more deadly or attack a specific demographic, it will move through our community like shit through a goose. We have doomed ourselves into a having a top ten cause of death that we shouldn't even have on the list of causes of death. Getting vaccinated is simple, safe and effective. Why everyone isn't fully vaccinated is beyond me.

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This weeks numbers

This week's Knox County Covid numbers are starting to get alarming.

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Yep. Be careful out there.

Yep. Be careful out there.

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