Jan 17 2023
02:41 pm

Remember the Orange route?
A Knoxville beltway considered by TDOT in 2010. Also, the Green route in 2008.

Knox County Commissioner Larsen Jay and Sen. Becky Duncan Massey, R-Knoxville, are once again proposing a bypass as if the idea has never been discussed.

One of the previous routes was turned down because it was proposed as a toll road. But, now Gov. Lee is considering toll roads.

R. Neal's picture

I'm sure this "new" idea

I'm sure this "new" idea involves million more in funding for TDOT, contractors and consultants to "study" the problem. Again. Instead of dusting off the old studies and plans.

yellowdog's picture

Old studies and plans are not necessarily good ones

Ideas about highways and bypasses from the last century do not reflect what we know now about the results of building new highways.

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