As with any newspaper, The Daily Times, Maryville, TN, prints letters to the editor. It doesn't appear that all letters are printed based on my own experience. However, maybe they just got lost in delivery.

In a Letter to the Editor dated June 9, 2024, the letter writer compares the DNC (Democratic National Committee) to "an eight-legged monster. They devour gullible minds and spread chaos and hate while destroying anyone who disagrees with their communist ideology."

The letter writer closes with, "Marxist Democrats must be destroyed."

That's a little scary. Especially since the letter writer is local, Blount County. What are his plans? Will he start the destruction? Or, is he building up a team to continue the destruction of January 6, 2021?

Was it appropriate for The Daily Times to print this letter?

I agree with the letter writer of June 12, 2024. This person stated, "I'm deeply disappointed the editors chose to print this particular letter, not because of the the insults and bombast, but because of its explicit threat: “Marxist Democrats must be destroyed.” Not lose an election, but be “destroyed.” Democrats aren't Marxists or spiders, or scary, or a threat to democracy."

"Violence is the opposite of voting. Killing your political enemies is the opposite of democracy. “Marxist Democrats must be destroyed” is a threat that should not have appeared in any newspaper anywhere."

Maybe The Daily Times Editor will apologize.

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The paper has published this guy's unhinged rants before...

I do not remember death threats previously, but the idea is not out of line for him. Why they print him is a mystery.

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