Sep 13 2023
12:20 pm

The vaccines are expected to become available within the next couple of days.

"Updated shots from Moderna and from Pfizer and its German partner, BioNTech, should be available soon for anyone 6 months and older."... "A third shot, made by Novavax, is still under review by the FDA."
"The vaccines will still be free (covered) for most Americans who have private health insurance or coverage through Medicare or Medicaid. Under federal law, any coronavirus vaccine must be covered by private and public insurers immediately, as soon as it receives sign-off by the FDA."
"A Biden administration program to provide the shots without cost to people who don’t have insurance is also expected to be in place within 48 hours of the CDC decision, agency officials said. The shots will be available at health centers, health departments and pharmacies."

Find a COVID‑19 vaccine near you.
Use to find a location near you.

bizgrrl's picture

I tried to find a vaccine

I tried to find a vaccine location for my zip code and nothing is available at this time.

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