Jun 25 2024
05:18 pm

"The historic Gay Street Bridge in Downtown Knoxville is closed indefinitely after a “compromised element” was discovered during a routine inspection by the Tennessee Department of Transportation."

Well, that's sad. Makes it a little less convenient to get to the South riverfront and Sevier Ave. businesses, but the Henley Bridge isn't too bad just more traffic. Pedestrian and cyclists have to be much more csreful.

Up Goose Creek's picture

Weight limits?

Wow, I drove across the bridge and back today. Had no idea it would be a historic trip.

I don't remember if there are posted weight limits but wonder if the new construction at the Davey apartments attracted heavy equipment.

bizgrrl's picture

We were by there the other

We were by there the other day. Did not even notice the Davy Apartments. Those are the ones at Council Place and Blount and Gay?

jmcnair's picture

So is it named for Davy Crockett?

Henley between Blount and Mimosa. They have a Davy temp building/office right in Council Place, but the apartments are right on Henley.

Where the Cold Storage Lounge was.

bizgrrl's picture

Ah, I have seen those

Ah, I have seen those apartments. Don't remember the Cold Storage Lounge. Do remember the Holiday Inn bar.

jmcnair's picture


I'm pretty sure that's what they named the HI bar. That's the spot.

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