Sep 17 2022
06:43 am

At least some places. I'm talking about retail/brick and mortar right now.

We we to two financial institutions last week, on the same day. It was quite uplifting to see employees and customers treating each other so well.

We went to the first FI on a Monday morning. Even though we had to wait nearly an hour for a representative, it gave us time to watch the people in action. The employees knew nearly everyone's name and likewise for customers knowing employees. An older gentleman dropped off some okra for one of the FI reps and she was returning an empty egg carton to him where he had previously given her eggs. You gotta love a small town.

The service went much faster at the second FI. But we still were able to see a great example of great customer service. A customer approached a teller with their cell phone. They said they couldn't get the FI app to work like it used to. The teller did tech support, without touching the customer's phone. The teller stepped the customer through uninstalling the app and reinstalling the app and setting up the app and logging in. I would never of guessed I could go to a bank teller and get such great technical support.

We currently shop primarily at a small Food City nearby. We sometimes go to Publix in Knoxville and even Fresh Market when we are looking for something special. Kroger is useful when we can't find something at our Food City. When you shop regularly at a small store the employees get to know you and you them. It is kind of like Norm at Cheers.

Then there is the dry cleaner I visit, Midland Dry Cleaners. I used to visit them much more frequently when we had to dress for work. I now only see them once a year or so. However, there is one of their front office employees (I'll not mention the person's name) that knows my name even after a year.

You gotta love a small town. Sometimes it can be a small community within a larger city. Support your local retail/brick and mortar stores. You'll probably be surprised and disappointed if they disappear.

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