Sep 11 2023
08:52 am

Public universities in GOP majority states beware. Will you be next?

Ben Sasse, former Senator from Nebraska, now the President of the University of Florida.
"His five-year contract is worth as much as $10 million in total compensation."
UF's chairman of the board is "a homebuilder who through a SuperPAC has donated at least a million dollars to the campaigns of Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor... and has flown DeSantis around on his private jet."
... "shortly after Fuchs [the previous UF president] resigned, the State Legislature exempted searches for college presidents from the state’s public-records statutes."
..."voted consistently against women’s reproductive rights, L.G.B.T.Q. rights and measures to address climate change." Although, he did vote to convict Trump in the 2nd impeachment hearing.

"McKinsey & getting $4.7 million to provide guidance on “strategic management.”

92% of UF students are from Florida.
$6,380 in annual in-state tuition. (UT Knoxville in-state tuition is $13,244)
Last year, U.S. News ranked the University of Florida fifth among public universities. (UT Knoxville was ranked 53rd)

UT Knoxville football plays UF Gainesville this coming Saturday, at Gainesville. Maybe we can beat them at football.

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