Nov 20 2021
09:44 am
By: bizgrrl

Gov. Lee has no plans to extend Tennessee’s Covid-19 state of emergency.

Knox, Blount, and many Tennessee counties have high transmission rates.

Other parts of the country have increased cases of the coronavirus, e.g. Montgomery County, MD, Connecticut, Michigan , Minnesota, etc. but continue to have restrictions.

Other countries, Germany and Austria, are heavily restricting the unvaccinated.

Gov. Lee doesn't appear to care how his actions are negatively affecting the people if Tennessee. Then there is Tenn. Rep. John Ragan representing Oak Ridge, etc. who "demanded that a state medical board remove a policy statement from its website that warns physicians who spread misinformation regarding COVID-19 vaccines risk disciplinary action."

Blithering idiots.

JaHu's picture

So basically John Ragan is

So basically John Ragan is stating publicly that he's for spreading of misinformation? It's there plainly written in Black and White. The medical board didn't say they were for disciplining doctors for presenting facts they disagree with, only the ones spreading untruths. Why would they want to be associated with, or support a doctor they can't trust to be truthful, diagnosing a patient? They should be disciplined.

R. Neal's picture

The title, that's a

The title, that's a rhetorical question, right?

Mike Daugherty's picture

Bill Lee is eat up with the

Bill Lee is eat up with the dumbass! He is an absolute idiot. He is responsible for the death and suffering of many Tennesseans. He owes their families an apology and his resignation. The damage he has done can never be repaired. We need to pray for his resignation and hope and pray he does not run for reelection. He is evil and mentally ill. This sick man needs a mental evaluation and professional help.

Mike Daugherty's picture

A month later, Tennessee

A month later, Tennessee still has more covid cases per capita than any other state. Bill Lee deserves to be locked up in jail for the damage he has done. He is killing people. Tennesseans have been electing leaders that neglect their interests and damage their quality of life for years. Re-electing Lee will be devastating to our state.

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