The law requires hospitals to list the cash prices for procedures on their websites in two forms: one that is easily accessible for patients and that includes a cost estimator for the 300 most common services, and another that is machine-readable — essentially a spreadsheet. That allows patients to know exactly what they should expect to pay and lets them compare the reduced cash prices with the prices they would pay if they went through insurance.

Hospitals are required to post prices for common procedures. Few do.

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U.T. Hospital seems to be

U.T. Hospital seems to be compliant.

Patient Responsibility and Pricing Estimates

We’re pleased to offer price estimates through our online self service estimation tool. In just a few simple steps, you can create an estimate of your out-of-pocket costs for many common procedures and service. The actual cost may vary based on the procedure and the health status of the individual patient. Additionally, the estimates provided in this tool only apply to hospital charges and do not include physician charges and other charges beyond the actual hospital charge.

Price Information or Standard Charges

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) require hospitals to disclose all of their “standard charges” on their websites. The University of Tennessee Medical Center (UT Medical Center) has therefore posted our hospital “standard charge” listing through the link below. “Standard charges” as defined by CMS, mean privately negotiated rates with third-party payers, gross charges and discounted cash prices for a medical service or procedure.

It is important to remember these “standard charges” are available for services that are scheduled in advance and tend to follow a common course of care. If a patient has other health conditions that would complicate their care the ultimate “Standard Charge” associated with a Hospital stay could be different than services scheduled in advance.

The information provided on this site is an estimate of the “Standard Charges” as defined by CMS’s Price Transparency Rules for a medical service or procedure. It does not represent the actual amount you will be charged as many variables are involved in providing the amount such as

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It looks like they just

It looks like they just provide an XML file. Is that easily readable by a regular person?

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