Jan 15 2023
06:59 am

What's with the misogynistic attitude that keeps arising around the country?

The U.S. House of Representatives newly reelected buffoon recently said, "And he told Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), who was managing whose turn it was to speak, that if he wanted to be disrespected by a woman, he’d go home to his wife and daughter."

A newly elected Idaho state legislator said, " "I'm a lifelong dairy farmer who retired, still own part of the dairy; grew up on the farm. I've milked a few cows, spent most of my time walking behind lines of cows, so if you want some ideas on repro and the women's health thing, I have some definite opinions."

Then there are all of those men unable to give birth working so hard to control the process. Just the other day the Tennessee Attorney General along with the attorney generals from 20 other states wrote a letter to the Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration requesting the restriction of mifepristone availability in order to protect women's health. Protect our health?!?! Hah. They could better protect our health by restricting guns.

Every day we encounter these statements/actions and wonder why we work so hard to be respected.


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