Sep 18 2022
01:05 pm

We usually feed and see hummingbirds in the late Spring, early Summer. In the last couple of days we have seen them flit by on our back porch, so we decided to put out a feeder. They visit quite frequently. Don't know if they are the same ones or different ones migrating. Either way, it is a pleasure. The Mr. got a good picture.


R. Neal's picture

So it appears the

So it appears the hummingbirds have figured out a communications system.

They flit around, sit on the hook, looking at the window, and sometimes coming up to the window looking in, but not going to the feeder.

The first time, we wondered what they were doing. We finally went out to check the feeder and it was almost empty. We filled it, and about 10 minutes later they were back on it.

They were sitting on the hook again today, and we got the message. Refilled the feeder, and they were back on it right away. I guess they have us trained.

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