Beginning this year, the registration fee for electric vehicles is $200, and $100 for hybrid and hybrid plug- in vehicles. If you own a gas-powered car, there is no extra fee.

Hybrid drivers in TN surprised by $100 extra fee for registration

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Knew that was coming. I

Knew that was coming. I suppose it is justified in that roads are paid for with gas taxes to a big extent and EVs and hybrids pay less in gas taxes. Some day everyone will be paying a higher registration fee or they will come up with a different way to fund roads.

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In nine of the 31 states and

In nine of the 31 states and DC that register voters by party, for example, more Republicans voters are linked to records of electric vehicles – including insurance and repair records – than Democrats. Republicans, independents and third-party voters associated with electric vehicles also exceed Democrats in 24 of those states.

Is electric vehicle ownership partisan? Three graphics show what we know

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The roads don't know what

The roads don't know what kind of car you are driving. Gas taxes pay for road construction and upkeep. If you are driving a car but not buying gas, you should contribute your fair share. Actually, the EV and hybrid drivers are still getting a good deal. The average amount of state gas tax paid per year is about $244 per car.

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I could not find the fee

I could not find the fee information breakdown on the Tennessee Vehicle Registration website.

I did find it at the TN Dept of Revenue articles site.

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