May 26 2024
01:27 pm

Source unknown from Reddit.

An entire cliff collapsed. The collapse cause a wave of water to cross the "lake" affecting swimmers on the other side. Quite scary.

Mead's Quarry Lake and Tharp Trace Trail are closed due to a significant landslide on the back wall of the Quarry Lake late Saturday afternoon. Ijams needs to have the area assessed to determine stability and safety before reopening the lake and Tharp Trace Trail, which runs adjacent to the area of the landslide. As such, Ijams is closing these areas until geologists can review the site and share their findings.

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From WATE, It appears they

From WATE,

It appears they have an interview with the man who made the video.

“We don’t have tsunamis in Tennessee, unless it is at Meads Quarry,” said Lloyd.
“As soon as I said that, it hit really fast,” he said, “and that was much scarier than the rocks falling, the rocks falling was kind of a neat thing to experience but the wave was scary.”
"Through this experience Lloyd says he learned a lot about the dangers of quarries and doesn’t anticipate swimming in one again."

Exactly. I never understood the idea of making a quarry a place to play.

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"... a geologist from the

"... a geologist from the Tennessee Geological Survey assessed the quarry and said the area may continue to be unstable, and encouraged the nature center to create a larger safety zone around the quarry."

"...working to place new safety buoys and float lines in Mead's Quarry Lake, marking the area where it's safe to swim."

Seems like the entire quarry was unsafe during the landslide. The resulting water rush put the people opposite the landslide in danger and washed one of the women dangerously into the water.

Will it be safe?

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