Jan 7 2022
05:04 pm

On Jan. 6th, here is what our congressman chose to tweet:

Jan 6 Tim Tweet.png

Two matters of ethics:
1) ignoring this important anniversary
2) giving financial advice, considering his pre-pandemic stock dump. From the Tennesseean (May 26, 2020):
Burchett reported just one transaction – selling between $1,000 and $15,000 in stock of Denny’s, the breakfast restaurant, on Feb. 12.

Mike Cohen's picture


You may be the only person in Tennessee that would take that as "financial advice" and not a joke about pre-snow behavior.

fischbobber's picture

The point.

I think the point was that the first thing Tim did as Congressman after a classified briefing on covid, was use that information to engage in insider trading and cash in before his stock crashed. Let's not forget Tim's roll in slow playing the response by delaying the first two (Trump) covid relief bills, allowing the virus to gain a foothold in America that hasn't receded to this day and that has over 850,000 deaths due to the intentional incompetence of Republicans throughout the party.

One is simply a felony, while the other may well end up being a crime against humanity. They meet the definition, but the odds of someone seeing that through are pretty slim.

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