A few years ago, the state allocated just under $300,000 for ‘special litigation,’ which “funds the use of private counsel for complex or special litigation cases requiring particular expertise.”

Now, that fund has increased to over $4 million.

Lawsuits mounting against Tennessee, taxpayers footing the bill

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The Tennessee Legislature

The Tennessee Legislature doesn't pass laws. They pass lawsuits.

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Tennessee attorney general sues federal government over abortion

Tennessee's top legal chief says the federal government is wrongly withholding millions of dollars in family planning funds after the state refused to comply with federal rules requiring clinics to provide abortion referrals due to its current ban on the procedure.

Tennessee attorney general sues federal government over abortion rule blocking funding

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And today's lesson in irony

“We are suing to stop the federal government from playing politics with the health of Tennessee women,” Skrmetti said in a statement. “Our lawsuit is necessary to ensure that Tennessee can continue its 50-year track record of successfully providing these public health services to its neediest populations.”

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Hah! Playing politics with

Hah! Playing politics with the health of Tennessee women? Sheesh. What do they think they are doing?


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