Aug 10 2022
09:50 am

The FBI search warrant executed against Former President Donald Trump's Florida residence has reverberated in local politics. Congressman Tim Burchett issued a Twitter statement, "I want to know what was the national security risk at Mar-a-Lago that warranted an FBI raid? Why did they decide it needed to happen NOW? FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland need to testify before Congress this week to explain themselves."
Burchett's Democratic opponent, UT journalism professor Mark Harmon, responded, "Let's talk about this in a televised debate, congressman. I'll be the one supporting the judge-approved warrant." Burchett has not agreed to debate his Democratic opponent in either of his past two elections for this office.
Earlier Burchett had put out a glib tweet declaring, "This just in, no pedophiles who were associated with Epstein have been arrested yet Mar-a-lago was raided?" Harmon retorted, "Let's help Tim with his memory problem" and posted this photo of Epstein and Trump.

fischbobber's picture

Ya gotta love it.

Burchett turns on notorious Republican and Trump supporter Epstein, (now that Epstein's dead and can't spill the beans on folks in Congress sympathetic to pedophiles and sex trafficking like, wait for it, Matt Gaetz and Burchett himself, known to share info from their phones with each other), and makes an all out effort to deflect attention away from himself, his known friendships with pedophiles and sex offenders and Trump's theft of classified documents from the National Archives. Mark is right. Tim is trying to impede the investigation into known associates of Epstein's in an attempt to rally support to obstruct justice on the Republican's behalf.

Why won't Tim Burchett debate? Is it because he has no record to run on and has been shown to be sympathetic to the traitors that attempted to overthrow our government. Is Tim a friend or enemy of the people? Why won't he debate? He should be held accountable for his job.

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