Everywhere! Any place you can legally park inside the Smoky Mountains National Park will require a parking pass if you park longer than 15 minutes. That includes pull offs along the roadways, the visitor center, Cades Cove mill area, everywhere.

Three tag durations will be available for purchase for all vehicle sizes and types:
Daily - $5
Weekly - $15
Annual - $40

Parking passes can be purchased online, in person, and at ATMs, when available.

In person sales locations include the Gatlinburg Visitor Center, Sugarlands Visitor Center, Townsend Visitor Center, Cades Cove Visitor Center, Cades Cove Orientation Shelter, and more.

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And this is the moment when I

And this is the moment when I find out our Lifetime US Parks and Federal Recreation pass does not cover parking fees....

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Exactly! I was a bit

Exactly! I was a bit surprised.

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Handicap permit

You don't need the parking pass if you have a state issued handicap parking placard or tag.

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