Jul 6 2024
06:35 am

First we had Trump trying to ruin our nation. Then we had the Supreme Court trying to become the leader of the land. Now, we have the media trying to oust our President.

What to do? Will people follow the media's lead? I thought Biden did fine last night. He was controlled and didn't let Stephanopoulos lead him to say something stupid. Stephanopoulos tried. He basically asked the President to step down. He did not talk about any issues.

I liked it when one person being interviewed by the media said this is nothing like Nixon, when they asked Nixon to step down. Nixon was corrupt and he wasn't running for reelection.

Stephanopoulos wanted Biden to commit to a private, independent cognitive test. There is no such thing anymore in this country. I wouldn't commit to that.

What's going on? Do we have enough people left to say no to Trump, not to the Supreme Court and no to the media? So many working to get Trump elected. Sort of like when Hillary Clinton ran against Trump. The media did not like her.

Sure, Biden is slowing down and maybe he shouldstep aside. However, unless these naysayers have a great plan they are giving the presidency to the MAGA man.

As someone else said, I don't know that they have thought this through.

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When HCR says it...

Heather Cox Richardson said if they substituted anyone for Biden at this point, the substitute would lose. That did it for me. I'm riden with Biden.

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Much of media is driven by

Much of media is driven by sensationalism.

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I agree with your assessment.

I'm not sure there's anything anyone can do at this point. I take a degree of comfort in knowing that I did not go gently into this black night.

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You might have just missed Earth-shattering economic news

Instead, the single best economic news of the past decade is but a murmur of chit-chat, barely audible against a clamor of politicos shouting about President Joe Biden’s age.

You might have just missed Earth-shattering economic news

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