Sep 11 2022
02:46 pm

"The food writer M. F. K. Fisher (1908–1992) called milk toast a "warm, mild, soothing thing, full of innocent strength", and wrote, of eating milk toast in a famed restaurant with a convalescent friend, that the dish was "a small modern miracle of gastronomy".

My choice.

How Cornbread and Milk Became a Beloved Southern Snack.
"As with many regional foodstuffs with a small footprint, at the mention of Cornbread and Milk, people either get a faraway look of reminiscence, or get a look that says they want to stay far away. Fair enough, perhaps, but when talking about food traditions, it's important to remember a dish or recipe that's weird to people who've never heard of it isn't weird to those who grew up eating it. "

The Mr.'s choice.

It is very possible our origins directed these choices. My family comes from Tulsa by way of St. Louis. The Mr.'s family comes from Middle Tennessee near the Kentucky border.

My Mother rarely made cornbread. The Mr.s Mother probably made it weekly, at the least monthly.

Both are great comfort foods.

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While I have no desire to

While I have no desire to experience it today, I have fond memories of buttermilk&cornbread. I have never - until right now - heard of anyone eating regular milk&cornbread.

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Cornbread and buttermilk

My mother-in-law from W. Va. loved it. If she didn't have cornbread she'd use corn chips.

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Alabama cornbread

My mother made cornbread several times a week and my dad ate them with buttermilk. She used a TEASPOON of bacon grease PER MUFFIN and I can taste it again now in my mind. Heat the muffin tin until the grease started smoking and then add the batter although my wife will only use a little butter today.

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