While the CDC recommends updated shots for everyone ages 6 months and up, Barouch said he’s particularly worried about low uptake among older adults and people who are immunosuppressed or have pre-existing medical issues.

A new Covid variant has become dominant amid slow uptake of the updated shots

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I wonder how well cases are

I wonder how well cases are getting counted and reported.

In just the past week I've encountered several people in my neighborhood reporting Covid-19 cases and one death. One woman reported a friend from a nearby county, probably in their 60s, recently died from Covid-19. Then she said an elderly relative is just now getting discharged after having a bad case. Another person reported their daughter living near Nashville has a bad case, after returning home from a trip. Finally, a local couple both had Covid-19 a couple of weeks ago. This couple has had Covid-19 more than once. They don't care.

Be careful out there. Get vaccinated.

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Heard anything about the vaccine Novavax?

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Not positive, but,

It looks like they're piggybacking a protein that stimulates an immune response on the back of some sort of introductory agent, instead of using MRNA vaccines.

If I'm reading this correctly. I have heard of this quite a bit in cancer research.

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Covid Numbers

Exactly the thing we didn't want to happen has started happening. Our last covid surge bottomed at right around fifty hospitalizations. Based on system failure incidents, our medical infrastructure begins failing at around 50-60 excess hospitalizations from covid and infectious diseases. This weeks hospitalization number sits at 62. We will probably be short ambulances from here until this surge ends, we can't staff up in time for this new variants surge. Our spike in deaths could be because of counting back-ups, but the hospitalization number is the number that affects whether or not our system goes to capacity. Deaths should be expected to rise and remain at nationally leading numbers, as has been the norm with our covid response, one of the worst in the world. Actions have consequences. [] Get vaccinatted and be careful out there.

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Thanks. We were talking about

Thanks. We were talking about the numbers today, wondering what they were. News from liberal media has been saying cases are going up. Knox County numbers have deaths on the rise. Guess deaths are mostly over 65.

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This week's report

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Knox County hospitals

Numbers could be higher also because rural hospitals have closed and Knox County hospitals are taking care of a lot of folks from other counties.

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It's a perfect storm.

Our poor local covid response, coupled with the states lack of funding medicaid, coupled with the rise of other infectious diseases like RSV has pushed us back to capacity. I don't think the county has anyone with the working knowledge to engage the National Guard locally. I don't think we've even got lifelines established to keep our facilities open any more. I can't think of anything Jacobs is doing right, or Bill Lee , for that matter.

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Local variants

It appears we will have two different variants gaining strength this holiday, the vaccine being effective against at least one of them.

There is good news for geezers though.Ut today announced an emergency facilities expansion that sounds like a really good needed idea. As long as we can keep Glenn Jacobs out of that power structure and decision making process, we may actually be able to turn our local public health and emergency response systems around once he leaves office. Politicians who only seek political gain while destroying the communities they have taken over have no business in office.

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This week's reports

The People's CDC, as well as Knox County and Dane County Wisconsin infectious disease dashboards (actually Knox County does not have an infectious disease dashboard, which is really a pretty critical tool for a parent or adult child to determine immediate community risk for an immunocompromised child or parent in their care). I'll review , link and give my analysis what these three sources are telling us. I would ask that any other covid writers actively following this outbreak please post here as well. It's time to get past egos and political aspirations and get back to rebuilding our medical infrastructure to serve this community.

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