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"Preparedness minded

"Preparedness minded People"???

"Events" "due to Social Chaos or Economic and/or Political Disruptions"???


Is someone therefore planning to bring social chaos or economic/political disruptions to Knox County???

WBIR left out part of the meeting invitation flyer:


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I went out to Choto yesterday

I was looking for the flyer. Couldn't find it. Had a beer. Asked the bartender.Nobody knows anything. I'm going to go back today.

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From WVLT, "A town hall

From WVLT,

"A town hall meeting has been canceled by the owner of the property where the event was to be held. Rich Levenson told WVLT News that he was attacked and threatened after a flyer circulated online advertising the meeting with Knox County Sheriff Tom Spangler and Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs."

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Attacked and threatened?

I'd love to hear the details.

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WVLT is a credible source but did they say who attacked and threatened Mr Levenson? If it was anonymous it could be a false flag operation by this "Founder's Alliance" to feed their paranoia. After all, aren't these the kind of people who claim the Jan 6 insurrection was put on by those scary antifas?

It's easier to imagine our elected officials gave them the what for for implying they weren't up to the task of preventing or protecting us from social chaos and economic disruptions.

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I doubt Mr. Levenson was attacked or threatened.

These folks are serious though. I had dinner in the shopping center at Choto, there was at least one extensive thread on that development years ago right here on Knox Views, and had lunch at Cheers at Choto yesterday. I also stopped by Weigels and the kayak rental at the Cove. There were no flyers, nor had anyone heard of the meeting. That tells me this was not a Town Hall or a neighborhood meeting in any traditional sense of the word. This was an invitation only meeting, or was until word got out. These folks, Levenson, Jacobs and Spangeler are afraid to be publicly connected to whatever the message was going to be.

I'd watch this for background. Knowing that he was instituting a full scale massacre of innocent citizens, this is how Mayor Jacobs sold it in 2020, before deaths inevitably soared. (link...)

And just for the folks who didn't take ROTC, or left before they got to strategy and tactics, the Patriot Church location and the neighborhood and area they were selling their plan to, is the area including and directly up from the Fort Loudon Dam. The logical and reasonable reason for this meeting at this place would be to introduce a plan for capturing the dam in the event of social upheaval. Perhaps they were going to discuss farming, food and setting up healthcare facilities, but when you look at the maps and drive the area and talk to the residents, it keeps coming back to the dam.They wouldn't be able to keep it, and I think it's reasonable to presume the FBI and ATF are already on to these guys and investigating, but, based strictly on our present bodycount, I do think these folks should be taken seriously. They are a legitimate threat.

I'm very concerned about Spangler's involvement. It's about what I'd expect from Jacobs.

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As with everything else the

As with everything else the far right is saying, is there any truth to these accusations, e.g. being attacked and threatened?

I suppose they not understand the concerns people might have when the far left talks about "Preparedness minded People" and "Events" "due to Social Chaos or Economic and/or Political Disruptions".

Remember January 6, 2021.

Knox County, TN, Mayor Glenn Jacobs takes it a step further, from his Twitter post, on Tuesday, August 9, 2022,

"Our country and here locally we're at a tipping point. The Biden administration is using the Department of Justice as a political weapon taking the unprecedented and dangerous measure of raiding the home of a former and potentially future candidate for president of the United States. Here in Knox County cowardly and hypocritical far left radicals have threatened and intimidated our neighbors even causing the cancellation of a planned peaceful assembly. The far lefts hyperbole and alarmism is tiresome and their tactics are disgraceful outrageous and unAmerican. They invent strawmen to attack. Play the victim. And demonize bully and intimidate anyone who doesn't agree with them. Like millions of other Americans I am fed up with their childish antics and I refuse to play along. This is not the America that we grew up in. And I no longer recognize our country. If everyday Americans do not get involved in the civic process now we will lose our way of life."

Wow. Because some of us get concerned when the far left talk about "Preparedness minded People" and "Events" "due to Social Chaos or Economic and/or Political Disruptions" we get a little worried. Remember the insurrection on the nation's Capitol on January 6, 2021? He is worried about losing our way of life? Hah.

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It just keeps getting weirder.

Two years ago, using the term terrorism to describe Glenn Jacobs governing style was considered radical and unprofessional and unethical. Some thought it accurate, particularly the facet that makes unethical and deadly behavior by government leaders "strictly for political gain" to be the accurate term, but mostly in a technical sense and somewhat inconsequential. As this governing style plays out, it appears to be becoming more and more consequential. I grew up in Farragut and have been hanging out playing, working, coaching and supporting Concord Park all my life. I have friends back in Choto. There are conservatives I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for, that live in Choto. It's a lot like a lot of places, except I consider it my home. And yes, I keep an eye on the park and Roads. The roundabout looks like hell. The underpass that was supposed to be done on the greenway in June is getting underway, without the money or a real working plan for the greenway to the county line. They generally don't have Knox County Patrol cars there, and the county still goes to accidents so the odds of them getting a patrol is pretty slim. And I fish out there. I like it there. It's home. I have a vested interest in see things done right out there. So I was going to that meeting and didn't make it a secret.

Now, I've known the Levenson's for years as their UPS driver. I try not to talk about customers, as a professional courtesy, but in this case I feel like I have to say that Mr. Levenson is a competent professional and a good customer. I don't think he was a mover and shaker in this and I don't think he was following this sub group of the Republican Party very closely. He is a businessman who understands that political rhetoric gets in the way of business. I don't think he gave it much thought until the backlash. When you're driving an UPS truck, good to me may mean different things to me than it does to most. Little things. Having a place to turn around. Working out dog relationships, being generally pleasant, offering water if circumstance popped up[, that kind of stuff. Not involving me in illegal activity, which was big to me at the time. I've had customers that I believe would likely be involved in an activity like this, down through the years, I just don't think Mr. Levenson was one of them. Nor do I think he likely knew much, if anything, what was going on. There's no telling if, or how much business will be lost by this association, but I can think of millions from three different political spectrums that were exposed. So, if Mr. Levenson's use of attacked and threatened is in an economic sense, I'd say he's telling the truth. What he stepped in was deeper and smellier than he would have thought. Just my take and two cents.

Now though, I'm curious. Am I the left? Would I have been banned from a Town Hall meeting? Larson Jay let me in his Town Hall meeting out there. Jacobs does not have a lot of fans in Choto. Did he expect this to be a friendly meeting or was he coming back to deal with the issues of that particular area of the county? Our emergency rooms have been slammed and backed up since covid hit 100 hospitalizations according to a reddit thread.Are emergency rooms going back to a 24 hour wait? Keeping the emergency rooms open was the only issue 100% of the citizens I talked to during the campaign agreed upon, yet here we are. Jacobs hasn't attended a Board of Health meeting in over a year. Yet he is the one making all decisions at the executive level, for the Health Department. Does he not think people in Choto are smart enough to see the social disorder and chaos he creates with his dystopian style of resource management at Concord Park? Do you seriously want a guy who won't maintain a roundabout to lead you through the Apocalypse? So yeah, I was going to the meeting. I knew I'd know a bunch of folks, I knew my ideas were more profitable and better for both the business and residential community and I knew some folks I could hang with, possibly cut up and laugh. I been thinking about this plan for thirty years. I was going. I wanted to hear what these guys had to say.

But, this meeting was not to be a town hall meeting with Mayor Jacobs and Sheriff Spangler there in their official capacity. They were to be there as private guests, not there in the capacity of their official duties. Strictly for personal and political gain. Now half the the county is concerned and worried. And that's how terrorism works to divide a community to be conquered. Regardless of whether it stops, or grows, or lies dormant just beneath the surface, that's what it looks like. He's calling for his followers to come forth.

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For the first time in his term of office

Mayor Jacobs isn't posting. In between the rally and the raid on Trump, it appears he has nothing to add.

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