Hansen said he is particularly concerned about the melting of the Antarctic ice sheet and especially the Thwaites Glacier, which acts as a cork, holding back the ice on land and providing an important defense against catastrophic sea level rise.

The planet is heating up faster than predicted, says scientist who sounded climate alarm in the 1980s

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Greenhouse gases

Hansen is well over a decade late in his "discovery".

Here's the abstract from a conference dad attended in 1970. Since the teenage hangers on were tasked with collating and stapling the report, I remember well the headline grabber was discovery the SST would cause global warming.


I'm pretty sure dad talked about global warming due to greenhouse gasses earlier than 1970.

It was some time around the turn of the century he spoke about the ice sheet. It is precariously perched on a piece of the continent and when it breaks off the seas will rise a number of feet in short order.

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