May 31 2024
08:13 pm
By: michael kaplan

Dear Will Johnson,

At a recent City Council meeting, one Public Forum speaker was told by Mayor Kincannon that she and Council members do not answer questions, that the Public Forum is a "one-way street." Is there any Public Forum or Town Hall format in Knoxville where the Mayor and Council members can answer questions put forth by citizens?

Michael Kaplan


Mr. Kaplan,

You are welcome to write, email, or phone members of City Council. You may do the same for Mayor Kincannon.

Will Johnson
City Recorder

yellowdog's picture

There is no practice around here of town hall style interactions

with elected officials. They could set up such things if they wanted to....

michael kaplan's picture

True. Furthermore, at the

True. Furthermore, at the so-called "public forums" for candidates, the League of Women Voters has refused to permit direct, real-time questioning of candidates. Instead, questions must be written on cards which are then reviewed by the League before presentation. Imagine if a President's press conference were conducted that way.

I contacted the League about this. They said it's up to the individual branch to determine how questions are posed.

fischbobber's picture

You mean.......?

The League of Women voters is powerful enough to get candidates to show up? Glenn Jacobs never showed up at open campaign events involving all the candidates. What changed?

Treehouse's picture

Upcoming election

Every candidate who influences South Knoxville was invited to attend an event July 9. They will all respond to 3 general questions and then be available to talk to the public. Press release coming soon.

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