Nov 18 2023
09:53 am

The RCS (Rich Communication Services) texting option popped up on my Android phone the other day. I'm wondering what new hell are they now introducing. A couple of features included are where it will send a message back to let the sender know you read the message and typing indicators to let recipients know when you're typing. Another rumored feature allows users to share their location. I don't see that feature on my phone, but who knows.

The big news is,

After a long holdout, Apple will finally adopt the RCS messaging standard for iPhones through a software update next year, the company told multiple news outlets, bringing a wider range of texting features to conversations between iPhone and Android users...

I didn't know there were issues when texting between Apple and Android. I text regularly using my Android phone with an Apple user. Haven't heard any complaints.

I've turned off the RCS chat texting feature. I don't want people to know when I've read their message. I certainly don't care when they are typing. I could leave RCS on and turn off these features. However, I haven't done all the research to know what else is behind the scenes I don't want.

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