Jun 3 2024
07:48 am

S.916 - Junk Fee Prevention Act

The Price Isn’t Right: How Junk Fees Cost Consumers and Undermine Competition

“junk fees” – these are surprise, often last-minute charges that drive up the cost of products, and have no justification or connection to anything other than their quest for profits.

Brown: Corporate Junk Fees Raise Costs and Suppress Competition

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FTC Proposes Rule to Ban Junk Fees

The proposed rule would ban businesses from running up the bills with hidden and bogus fees, ensure consumers know exactly how much they are paying and what they are getting, and help spur companies to compete on offering the lowest price. Businesses would have to include all mandatory fees when telling consumers a price, making it easier for consumers to comparison shop for the lowest price. The proposed rule would also have enforcement teeth, allowing the FTC to secure refunds for harmed consumers and seek monetary penalties against companies that do not comply with its provisions.

FTC Proposes Rule to Ban Junk Fees

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