Mar 14 2020
09:01 am

Late last night a bipartisan majority in Congress, 363-40, passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. It included paid sick leave, unemployment insurance, and free testing. Our area congressman, Tim Burchett, voted against it.

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"For" and "Against" votes listed

Several Tennessee representatives voted against ....


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The funny part is where

The funny part is where you've actually convinced yourself that Burchett is not doing exactly what the 70% of voters who put him into office want him to do.

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Speaking of funny.....

How's your 401K doing? Think all those working people Burchett's trying to bankrupt might affect it?

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Trump's GOP is a hell of a hill to die on

...exactly what the 70% of voters who put him into office want him to do.

Exactly what is that?

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I actually saw the vote last

I actually saw the vote last night and wondered if Tim was one of the 40 yahoo "no" votes. Sure would like to hear his reasoning.

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"This process was ridiculous.

Burchett: "This process was ridiculous. 15 minutes to read an important 150 page bill. The Senate was adjourned til Monday. We should have delayed the vote til Monday. It was a fake timeline."

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DId somebody ask him if he

DId somebody ask him if he thought he would like it any better on Monday? Weak tea, Timmy.

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I'm not sure he'd answer his

I'm not sure he'd answer his emails ...

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Fake Tim really wants to take away your Social Security

According to the mailer we got today from his campaign, Burchett is boasting about protecting us from lawyers who are stealing our Social Security checks. Really. Is this a thing? Or is this a fake problem that he's claiming a fake cure for.

The funny part is he can demonize lawyers (the liberal lawyers, of course) while ignoring where he stands on Social Security itself. We all know exactly where he and his Trump ilk sit on that issue.

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