Republicans in Tennessee voter intimidation?

"More than 14,000 Tennessee voters recently received letters asking for proof of U.S. citizenship. "

"This is intentional voter intimidation,” District 90 Rep. Gloria Johnson (D-Knoxville) said."... "“It appears that Mark Goins is outside of his statutory authority on this,” Rep. Johnson said."

Simon Kerr received the letter. He "was born and raised in Derry Ireland but he calls Nashville home.... Kerr says this is voter intimidation." "I want them to know, they don't need to be intimidated. They need to get out and they need to vote," said Kerr. "This is why we moved to America. Because we believe in believe in democracy. And the right to vote. I just think anytime any kind of voter intimidation should not be allowed. You know, I think to me, like a lot of the Tennessee politics right now are so out of touch with working class people."

"Alba Garcia got her letter dated a couple weeks ago....Alba says she became a U.S. citizen 10 years ago and immediately registered to vote...." "Why send these letters to lawful citizens, because I did all my paperwork and did everything to become a citizen, so why are we being targeted?" Alba said.

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