The CDC is continuously monitoring Covid-19 community spread across the country.

Currently 25% of counties in Tennessee have a high level of Covid-19 community spread. In addition, nearly 40 % of counties in Tennessee have a medium level of Covid-19 community spread.

New COVID-19 admissions per 100,000 population is at 7.8.

% Staffed inpatient beds in use by patients with confirmed COVID-19 is at 2.8%.

Be careful out there.

Jul 1 2022
12:17 pm

From WATE,

"The Knox County Health Department is asking people to take precautions after noticing an upward trend of COVID cases. Health officials say the number of cases has been slowly going up for the past couple of months."

KCHD is "reminding people to social distance when possible, wash their hands often and mask up when needed." They "expect to see the higher numbers continue, they have hope that it will end soon."

KCHD also mentioned case numbers could be higher since many people are probably using at-home tests that do not get counted.

Finally, KCHD "suggests getting vaccinated against COVID if you have not done so." Only 58% of Knox County residents over 18 are vaccinated with 2 doses. Only 27% of those residents hsve received a coronavirus booster.

Apr 23 2022
08:55 am
By: bizgrrl

Covid-19 drugs, Covid-19, Covid drugs, Coronavirus drugs

From the Mayo Clinic, 2-2022:

Some of the treatments authorized by the FDA:

"The FDA has authorized for emergency use a drug called Paxlovid... Paxlovid is authorized to treat mild to moderate COVID-19 in people age 12 and older who are at higher risk of serious illness. "
"The FDA has authorized for emergency use another drug called molnupiravir to treat mild to moderate COVID-19 in adults who are at higher risk of serious illness and not able to take other treatments."

Immune-based therapy... "Researchers study immune-based therapies, including convalescent plasma, mesenchymal stem cells and monoclonal antibodies. Monoclonal antibodies are proteins created in a lab that can help the immune system fight off viruses."

Some monoclonal antibodies cannot treat COVID-19 caused by the omicron variant and some can.

"To be most effective, these medications need to be given soon after COVID-19 symptoms start and before hospitalization."
Convalescent plasma is blood donated by people who've recovered from COVID-19. Convalescent plasma with high antibodies may be used to treat some hospitalized people with COVID-19 who are either early in their illness or have weakened immune systems.

Monoclonal antibody... "The FDA has authorized for emergency use the monoclonal antibody combination of tixagevimab and cilgavimab (Evusheld) to prevent COVID-19 in some people with weakened immune systems or a history of severe reactions to a COVID-19 vaccine."

Oct 1 2020
11:37 am

Not only is Donald Trump bungling the national response to COVID, he also seems to be at odds with the Roman poet Ovid. Here are some relevant Ovid quotes/translations:

"Fair peace becomes men; ferocious anger belongs to beasts."

"Thou seest how sloth wastes the sluggish body, as water is corrupted unless it moves."

"If you want to be loved, be lovable."

"No man can purchase his virtue too dear, for it is the only thing whose value must ever increase with the price it has cost us. Our integrity is never worth so much as when we have parted with all to keep it."

Apr 30 2020
12:28 pm

Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston U. and GA Tech have created a COVID-19 Simulator. I just ran the numbers for TN. Keeping current intervention strategies for 16 weeks yields 372 deaths by Aug. 31. Going into lockdown reduces that number to 277, but going to 16 weeks of minimal restrictions yields approx. 27,000 Tennessee deaths. Let's keep that in mind when folks glibly talk about reduced restrictions.

Pollution-monitoring satellites operated by NASA and the European Space Agency observed drastic decreases in air pollution over China over a two-week period in February when the quarantine was in effect. The satellites measured concentrations of nitrogen dioxide, which is released by cars, power plants and industrial facilities, from Jan. 1 to Jan. 20, and then again from Feb. 10 to Feb. 25. The difference was unmistakable.


Mar 14 2020
09:01 am

Late last night a bipartisan majority in Congress, 363-40, passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. It included paid sick leave, unemployment insurance, and free testing. Our area congressman, Tim Burchett, voted against it.

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