Nov 14 2023
07:38 am

Honda Motor said on Friday it would give production workers at its U.S. facilities an 11% pay hike starting in January, a decision announced a couple of weeks after the United Auto Workers (UAW) union and the Detroit Three automakers agreed to new contracts.

Toyota Motor said on Wednesday it is raising the wages of nonunion U.S. factory workers just days after the United Auto Workers union won major pay and benefit hikes from the Detroit Three automakers.

Hyundai Motor said on Monday it will hike wages for nonunion production workers at its Alabama factory by 25% by 2028, weeks after the United Auto Workers won new contracts with the Detroit Three automakers.

It's like those workers that benefited from the UAW workers going without pay while on strike should donate to the UAW.

yellowdog's picture

Free Riders

Non union workers ride the backs of the UAW just like scabs who do not belong to unions get the benefits negotiated by the union they refuse to join.

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They should have just let O'Brien whip Mullins ass in front of the nation. We need a wake up call.

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