Less than 24 hours after the Tennessee university system lifted its mask mandates, The University of Tennessee at Knoxville said it has reinstated its mandate Tuesday to comply with the federal executive order requiring federal contractor buildings to follow CDC mask guidance.

University of Tennessee at Knoxville reinstates mask mandate to comply with federal funding after lifting it less than 24 hours ago

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Four major Tennessee

Four major Tennessee universities can enact vaccine mandates in order to keep federal funding,
East Tennessee State University
University of Memphis
University of Tennessee System
Vanderbilt University

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"The chancellor said the mask

"The chancellor said the mask mandate won't go into effect until Monday because the Tennessee attorney general has filed a lawsuit challenging the federal executive order."

We have some really bad people in Nashville. Lee is competing with DeSantis and Abbott for the nation's worst governor.

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Governor Lee has shown his

Governor Lee has shown his ignorance during the pandemic. He was never going to be a competent governor but his lack of leadership and his irresponsible actions as governor have been much worse than I expected. He has made numerous decisions that have been detrimental
to our citizens and he is responsible for the death and suffering of many during the pandemic. He has not learned anything from his mistakes and he continues to ignore the advice of doctors and scientists that could save lives. Just like DeSantis, Abbott, and Trump he is an evil moron that is eat up with the dumbass. He is a loser and
he is an embarrassment to the people of Tennessee. It is sad that Lee will most likely be reelected by the misguided voters of Tennessee. Tennessee voters
continue to vote against their own interests and vote for losers and wannabe dictators and mindless and pathetic people including Trump, Lee, Blackburn, Hagerty, and Burchett.

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I visited Hodges Library

I visited Hodges Library yesterday (Tuesday) and about half the students I saw were unmasked.

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That's not too bad actually.

That's not too bad actually. Wait til Monday when mask mandates are back in force, maybe.

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