Nov 16 2021
09:48 pm

60 Minutes follows the U.S.' struggling supply chain, from choked ports on the West Coast, to packed rail yards in Chicago. Along the way, we found finger-pointing, huge profits, and massive losses.

What's caused America's supply chain crunch?

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What supply chain crisis? America's largest retailer doing fine

Several large retail chains, including Walmart, have chartered their own ships to deliver goods from Asia, stocked up on extra merchandise and relied on their deep pockets and broad supplier bases to adjust to supply constraints. Those options are too expensive and inaccessible for most small shops, which typically have less financial flexibility to absorb higher costs and keep prices down for customers than large competitors.

What supply chain crisis? America's largest retailer is doing just fine

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Buy local

Local artists and makers products are not coming in on ships, suppliers of local items are not out of products, and local small businesses deserve your dollars and support.

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Print version of the 60

Print version of the 60 Minutes U.S. supply chain story.

Lot's of talking and no real answers.

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