Jun 30 2024
09:26 am


From the Internets.

Midori Barstow's picture


Fie the NYT Editorial Board did not have
President Biden's back!

Most absolutely for the Good of Our Country
DumpsterDon should have been called to step down!

jbr's picture

I am voting Biden. Based on

I am voting Biden.

Based on my limited exposure to him I would like to see Chris Coons run for President some day. Or maybe him being in the Senate for the long term is better in the end.

bizgrrl's picture

We do have a few good

We do have a few good candidates. Wasn't that familiar with Coons. However, since he "In 1992, he earned a master's degree in ethics from Yale Divinity School," wouldn't that be hard for him? Being ethical and all? /sarcasm

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