Jan 18 2024
11:20 am


As I recall, this was the most snow we've seen since we moved back to Tennessee in 2000.

Pre-snow I encountered quite a few people that did not believe it would snow a lot. Typical for this area. I'm glad we did our grocery shopping pre-snow because it would have been really hard to get out of our neighborhood over the past couple of days.

I watched the TDOT Smart Cameras along Alcoa Highway. It was amazing how empty the road was for the two heavy snow days. There is still ice on streets in the neighborhood but it is clearing up. I've heard the main roads are pretty clear. The treatment the City of Alcoa put on the streets last Friday did not help. Too much snow/ice.

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Footnote from the end of the storm.

One of the response ideas that came to the table when discussing what we could and should be doing different was to call out the National Guard, like we did during covid . I know at least I brought it up. The idea was roundly criticized as impractical, too expensive and undoable, despite having two units trained at this very thing, civil affairs and combat engineering, right here. They should have already been equipped. This didn't happen and was dismissed as an improper use of the National Guard and not worth the cost to the taxpayer. Today, Governor Lee announced that he was going to send more Tennessee National Guard to the border so more refugee children can be imprisoned without cause while throwing a wide net that punishes the innocent before the guilty. I meran, who do you think would have access to lawyers, criminals with access to connections and money, or a poverty stricken child who has become separated from their parent?

Anyway, I mentioned that natural disaster response was part of the National Guards mandated mission, while serving the Governor of Texas to deny human rights to children in defiance of international and federal law was not. The discussion looked like it was becoming heated and the post was removed. Nothing will change as far as emergency response in Knox County. You heard it here first.

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