Jul 9 2024
12:02 pm

The New York Times came out with a new editorial indicating Biden must drop out of the election.

According to the Times

But Democratic leaders shouldn’t rely solely on the judgment of the few voters who turned out in this year’s coronation primaries. They should listen instead to the much larger group of voters who have been telling every pollster in America their concerns for a long time.

The polls haven't been right since 2016.

I'm shocked. Rely on polls, not voters? Talk about a coronation. Who is running the Times? It's time for the Times to stop, step back, and apologize to the voters.

DogRed's picture

Grass root contributions

Have you shown your grass roots support by contributing to the Biden campaign?

Treehouse's picture


A whopping $25 but it was important and symbolic for me.

bizgrrl's picture

Yay! That's what grassroots

Yay! That's what grassroots support is all about. $25 from here as well.

Knoxgal's picture

Me Too

I mainly wanted to add to the number of donors the campaign could cite

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