Jul 2 2022
07:56 am

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is warning East Tennessee of potential hammerhead flatworms in the area.

“A long, slimy flatworm with a weird-looking head sounds like something from a science fiction movie,” TVA wrote on their website. “But it’s real and it has been documented in the Knoxville area.”

"TVA provided these tips to get rid of hammerhead flatworms:

1. Do not touch it with your bare hands or cut them because they will regenerate.
2. Cover the flatworm with ale or rubbing alcohol.
3. Put on gloves then pick up the flatworm and put it in a bag.
4. Place the bag in the freezer."

We can only assume there is a final step to remove them from the freezer and dispose of them.

However, who wants to put an invasive species in their freezer?

Apparently hammerhead flatworms arrived in the United States in the early 1900's. It is believed they came from Southeast Asia in landscaping materials.

One more thing affecting the global economy. Bet it's Biden’s fault.

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