Feb 2 2022
11:37 am

Congressman Tim Burchett misled his own fans and followers in his Feb. 1 newsletter. He wrote, “Tennessee requires individual to be at least 18 years old to register to vote. Under the Democrats’ legislation, Tennessee would need to lower the age of eligibility to 16 years old.”

You have to go to FactCheck to discover the sleight-of-hand. The bill would let someone as young as 16 submit an application or pre-registration, but that person still couldn’t vote until age 18. Here’s the link.


Burchett’s stepping so close to a flat-out lie fooled Knoxville Focus Publisher Steve Hunley. Apparently relying on a Burchett tweet, Hunley wrote, “The Democrat bill would have lowered the voting age in Tennessee from 18 to 16.” Nope.

We need a better congressman,

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