Jun 29 2022
02:37 pm

TDOT spent millions changing Alcoa Hwy between Woodson Drive and Maloney Road. Going south there is only one access to the neighborhoods and businesses. Going north there are two access roads but a little convoluted.

The powers that be wonder why the businesses can't get customers. Even with the construction over it is not real easy to access neighborhoods and businesses. They've tried putting up a few signs that are not very effective.

"Jeff Welch from the Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization and the Knoxville Knox County Planning Commission said the key to bringing more businesses to the area around Alcoa Highway is to bring more people to live there."

I don't know how more people would bring more business if the people can't get to the businesses. The new road transformation did not put much consideration towards community. Oh, and as I have said before, if you miss the Montlake exit going south you have to go 10 Plus miles to get back to the area.

Sure, more residents are the answer.

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