Blount Memorial Hospital announced on June 9 that the Board of Directors named Harold Naramore the new Chief Executive Officer.

It would appear that Dr. Naramore is a good choice for the CEO position. He has worked at the hospital for over 12 years. He was Chief Medical Officer. He is a"medical doctor with a degree from James H. Quillen College of Medicine in Johnson City, Naramore also has a master’s in business administration from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville and a law degree from UTK College of Law."

"Board-certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and the National Board of Medical Examiners, he is an assistant professor at UTK, staff psychiatrist and general council for Frontier Health in Gray and a clinical assistant professor at Quillen."

But, then...

"The three municipal mayors within Blount County signed and sent a letter to Blount Memorial Hospital Board of Directors requesting a full review of the selection process for new Chief Executive Officer Harold Naramore."

"Prompted by concerns from numerous Blount County citizens and businesses, as well as members of legislative bodies within Blount County..."

"The two main concerns outlined in the letter questioned whether a public notice was given for a called meeting and if the hospital followed several of their own bylaws."

Who are these citizens, businesses, and/or members of legislative bodies that have concerns about the hiring of Naramore? Should there be a Freedom of Information Act request so that everyone will know who complained and why?

It all seems a little mysterious.

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Blount Memorial Hospital

Blount Memorial Hospital board responds to letter from local governments re hiring of new CEO.

Nothing really tells us why the local government found this hiring to be such an issue. Does someone have a brother-in-law that they wanted for that position?

From the Daily Times newspaper,

"Per the bylaws, once a new CEO needs to be appointed, the board president and executive staff discuss the situation."
"The next step outlined in the bylaws is for the board to call a meeting and discuss the selection process; skills and experience for the candidate; the compensation package and contract. Strategic planning sessions for governing bodies are not required to be open meetings, under the Tennessee Open Meetings Act, the letter states."
"The second concern raised by the three municipal governments was that public notice wasn’t given for the meeting."

"An email timestamped for 2:32 p.m. June 8 was sent to The Daily Times regarding a meeting notice faxed from BMH requesting publication for the 8:30 a.m. meeting June 9, but the notice was not published in the June 9 edition."

“A notice of that meeting was sent to The Daily Times for publication but, for reasons not known at the moment, the notice was not published,” the letter states."

"Changes with Naramore’s promotion won’t take effect until July 1. Since the called meeting wasn’t published in The Daily Times, the letter states that the board will re-affirm Naramore’s appointment at its regular monthly meeting on June 28."

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