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That's simply a lie...

TVA Spokesperson Barbara Martocci on the Ocoee sediment:

"It's just what's on the river bottom. It's the same thing that's on any river bottom."

The Ocoee sediment consists of copper mine runoff. It is anything but the same stuff that's on the bottom of any river. It's an unnatural orange brown color and smells. TVA spokepeople have a tough job to do.. The public simply doesn't trust them. This is why.

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I was thinking the same

I was thinking the same thing, on all counts.

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The KNS now has it.

The KNS now has it. Although I must say, this reporting seems pretty weak.

And I concur that the Ocoee sediment is different. As I understand it, there's years of Copper Basin run off in the sediment of that river. That's really nasty stuff.

BTW, Randy, has TVA talked with you yet?

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No, they haven't gotten back

No, they haven't gotten back to me.

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